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Why Positive Reinforcement Dog Training is Better

In recent years, we have noticed that a more aggressive kind of dog training that uses wolf pack theory and pack leader theory to dominate a dog into behaving. The idea behind it is that dogs are like wolves in that they follow a hierarchy within a pack, and that they all follow the will of the pack leader.

In this regard, aggression, dominance, and assertiveness is used on a dog in order to prove to it that you, the owner, is the alpha dog. This means that you will have to dominate your dog into submission, and use techniques such as punishment and aggression in order to get it to comply. These methods are becoming so popular, especially after reality television celebrities have started to endorse it.

Training Your Cat

Here at Dog Science, we love to train dogs and share tips on how to train our dogs. However, some readers have been asking if we can give the cat lovers some love too – after all, many of us dog lovers here are also cat lovers, so some have even managed to train their cat successfully.

IFHowever, training a cat is very different from training a dog. Unlike dogs, which have been bred to recognize human signals and comply, cats tend to do whatever they want whenever they want it. In a way, the cat’s independence is what draws many people to it, but sometimes, their fussy personality can become destructive if left unchecked. While most people will not be able to teach their cats tricks, you can still train the cat to avoid negative behaviours such as chewing, clawing, and spraying. Most cats also do not come if called by their name, so that is something that you can teach your cat in the long run if you have the patience.

Here are some tips on how to train your cat:

Positive reinforcement through treats
cat-treatsCats, and most animals, never respond well to negative reinforcement. Punishment will only confuse things and your cat will never learn how to become a better kitty. Instead, you should go with positive reinforcement, using high quality cat food. You really need nutritionally packed cat food because cats will know that you will be giving them better treats if they successfully manage to finish their task.

Offering more delicious treats during training usually ensures that the cat understands that something good comes out of doing a specific task.

Take your time
cat-tricksCats, while often more intelligent than dogs, tend to be a bit head strong and will not easily pick up on any tricks. What you must do is to start by teaching them the same trick everyday, for about 15 minutes at a time. Make sure that you never force your cat and that you give her plenty of rest.

Start by teaching your cat her name. Cats usually do not come if called by their name, so try to be sure that it is the first thing that you teach them.

Reward immediately
With cats, you have to reward them immediately after they have done the thing that you want them to do. Whenever they use their litter box correctly, scratch their scratching post, or generally do anything that pleases you, you should be there to reward them immediately. It should be a tasty treat, which reinforces their good behaviour.

Be consistent
Always be consistent with the rewards so that your cat understands that you want it to do a specific task at hand. Cats need consistent training, otherwise, they will never learn. Just be patient and remember to always do the same thing so that your cat remembers her training.

This short video will help you understand the basics of cat training:

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